Travel & Lifestyle

Welcome to the Travel & Lifestyle Section of my website! As the title asserts, this section is dedicated to blog posts and content around other aspects of my life that I thoroughly love and adore – all things travel and adventure, mixed touches of my personal life, taste and style!

My purpose for the section, as is my entire site is to share pieces of me and my interest in hopes of inspiring, and helping someone else along this journey of life through images and words. I thoroughly hope this section brings you as much joy as it does me! 

So let’s talk a bit! Growing up, my parents never failed to book family vacations, road trips, and summer adventures for us yearly. During the winter months, we would take skating lessons, and go tobogganing even though they hated the cold (they’re Jamaican). In the summer, it would be swimming, bike riding, hikes, and so much more. There was never a dull moment, and this is what sparked the travel fanatic in me! As we got older, we would sit as a family and choose where the next adventure would take us – how thoughtful were my parents, considering we were still so young and jobless! As it was then, so it is now, except it’s on my dime! I can’t wait to share all my travel and adventure stories with you on here – I hope you enjoy!

As for the lifestyle portion of this section, I have always loved sharing the things that interest me. However, I realized after finishing university, getting married, purchasing a home, completely gutting and remodeling the home, and doing life as a wife primarily, not to mention the other hats – I have a load of stuff to share! So here we are, this is a centralized space for me to share my thoughts with you! All things home and kitchen, home decor, blogger/ blog ins and outs, and how I do life are coming your way!

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