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Jerk Chicken Poutine

This is the perfect Jamaican-Canadian mash-up, Jerk Chicken Poutine! It’s classic Canadian meets traditional Jamaican – a burst of deliciousness and the right amount of comfort in every bite!

From the homemade fries to the homemade gravy to the perfectly marinated and smoked jerk chicken – what’s not to love?! So for those that don’t know, I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada – poutine is kinda like our thing! It’s a dish that combines French fries and cheese curds, which is topped with a yummy gravy! It originated in the province of Quebec (that’s east of Toronto), and it’s a dope, comforting dish! My parents were born and raised in Jamaica – jerk chicken is kinda like their thing! So I thought, why not combine the two to make JERK CHICKEN POUTINE! Ahhhhhhh, it’s the perfect, absolutely perfect, mash-up of the two! I’m telling you from now, you’re going to love this dish!

Recipe Tips and Notes

The Perfect Poutine Gravy – This is probably the most important part. If you have great gravy, you’ll most likely have a great poutine. Traditionally, the gravy is light and not too thick. However, I like a good, thick and boastful gravy. There’s, of course, the lengthier process of making gravy, however, I will share the quick version on this recipe, used by combining chicken and beef stock. You must use a good quality stock because this is what your gravy will essentially taste like – quality stock = quality gravy.

The Cheese – Do not use shredded cheese! You must use real cheese curds and in Canadian grocery stores, it’s quite easy to get a hold of. After all, is it really poutine if you can’t hear the squeak of the cheese? If you can’t find real cheese curds, the next best option is a quality mozzarella.

The Chips (French Fries) – First things first, the chips must be crispy! This will allow your dish to stay messily intact after being topped with cheese, gravy, and in this recipe, jerk chicken. There is a technique you should follow to allow for the crispiest chips! First start with the right potato – Russets, to be precise. Secondly, you must soak them for a few hours or overnight to remove the excess starch. Third, drain and pat dry. Fourth, fry them TWICE…yes, you heard me correctly. The first time at a lower temperature to cook them through then a second time at a high temperature to get them crispy on the outside. Lastly, you must drain them. You don’t want excess moisture and oil in your poutine!

The Jerk Chicken – What you need is a good marinade, some time to allow the flavour to soak into your chicken, a grill (recommended but not required) and that’s all! I have a quick and easy recipe on the blog – click here to access it. Don’t waste your marinade – turn it into a yummy sauce and add it to the poutine!

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