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Peanut Butter Burgers (HelloFresh Review)

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Have fun and enjoy this nutty spin on homemade burger and fries! The peanut butter combined with the smoky bbq beef patty topped with onions and crispy salty bacon – literally the perfect combo!

Enjoy up to $80 off your purchases ($40 off their first delivery plus free shipping, $20 off their second, and $10 off their third)! Click this link to sign up today – trust me, take my word for it, believe in your girl, you will not be disappointed!

My Backstory with HelloFresh

I was so excited for the opportunity to team up with HelloFresh for their Long Weekend Grill Campaign! HelloFresh was the first meal kit delivery service subscription I signed up for back in 2018 – my hubs and I were recently married and we were still adjusting to this new married folk life! We purchased a home (no more home cooked, fresh when you get home from work meals from the parents), we were living in a new city (the commute was different), we had an added amount of responsibility (bills, groceries, home stuff etc.), and most importantly we were TIRED and wanted to relax (just got married and planning isn’t always easy, plus we gutted our home, and renos aren’t always easy!). Upon receiving my first box, I decided to document and share the entire experience on my personal IG page – and it was a HIT! This was the start of the Seasoned Skillet, and I didn’t even know it! I say all of this, for this simple reason – I truly love the HelloFresh brand, so see below for my review!

The Review

ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING! This is the short of it, so you can definitely click off now and go about your day haha! I was so hesitant at first, and I told my hubby and sister I was going to do this one last because peanut butter on a burger = gross! BOY WAS I WRONG! It was the best infusion of flavour and taste ever! I wish I had leftovers because it was that good! It was the perfect balance of nutty from the peanut butter, salty from the crispy bacon, and the right amount of freshness from the spring mix!

How it Works

  1. Pick a plan – whether cooking for yourself or your household, they have a flexible plan to match your lifestyle.
  2. Get your Delivery – each week, you’ll receive simple step-by-step recipes complete with nutritional information and fresh, pre-measured ingredients to get you whipping up delicious dinners in no time.
  3. Cook, Enjoy, Eat – prepare your easy, fool-proof meal and enjoy!

For those with busy and hectic schedules, this is the perfect and small way to invest in yourself! Thinking about what to prepare for dinner, and if you have all the ingredients can be so stressful – this meal kit delivery service allievates all that stress and its ALWAYS so tasty!

HelloFresh plans are delicious, simple, flexible, and stress-free! They are also committed to reducing waste (KEY!) and there is also something for everyone – meat lovers, veggie lovers, picky eaters and everyone in-between!

Click here to sign up, and don’t worry if you’re not satisfied, need to cancel, change meals, or skip a week adjustments are made so quick! Plus, their customer service team is amazing!

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