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Jamaican Rasta Pasta

The perfect twist to the traditional Alfredo pasta – just think, creamy jerk sauce + pasta + shrimp! It’s the perfect meal for when you’re craving a little bit of everything – chicken or shrimp, veggies, pasta, and a hint of heat!

This is one of my absolute favourite pasta dishes! It’s a Jamaican/Caribbean twist to the traditional Alfredo pasta which is already good on its own so imagine this dish – it’s 2.0!! Mix in some chicken, shrimp, your favourite seafood, more veggies, or even oxtail (yes, you read correctly) and you’re in for a yummy treat! I must note, true Rastafarians do not consume any meat, shellfish, or animal by products such as dairy – however, this dish can be made however you like!

Recipe Tips and Notes

Marinate Your Shrimp – You want enough seasoning until you can see it! That’s always my motto – it’s better to have more than less to bring out the true flavours! Also, depending on how much jerk seasoning/marinade you use, the lighter/darker your pasta will be!

Jerk Marinade – You can certainly make your own sauce however, if you want to do the quick and easy method, I prefer Walkerswood Mild or Grace Brand Jerk Seasoning. Both are equally great but the Grace brand has a little more heat than the other; my recommendation is to combine the two! If you’re using the Walkerswood Mild brand, you can use generous amounts as it has more flavour than spice!

Milk or Cream? The richer the fat content in the milk, the richer the sauce (also thicker). Using whipping cream is just as delicious as using half and half – it’s totally up to you. Note, if you use regular milk, the sauce will be more on the “runny” side.

The Process

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